Angular ngx datatable by Swimlane

An Angular component for presenting large and complex data. It supports multiple server-side operations like paging, sorting, and scrolling. Has full support for Bootstrap and it’s available in the MIT license.

Project website

Documentation Yes

License MIT




npm i @swimlane/ngx-datatable


  • editing
  • Bootstrap support
  • horizontal/vertical scrolling
  • multiple tables
  • filtering
  • hidden on load
  • live data changes
  • RxJS
  • context menu
  • CSS classes styling
  • footer templates
  • themes
  • row grouping/nested data
  • fluid row height
  • fixed row height
  • dynamic row height
  • row details
  • responsiveness
  • client and server-side paging
  • virtual server-side scrolling
  • client and server-side sorting
  • default sort and comparator
  • single and multiple cell selection
  • selection callbacks
  • default and custom checkbox
  • toggling and reordering columns
  • flexible columns
  • fixed and pinned columns
  • inline HTML
  • summaries

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