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Angular 2 Datepicker by Koleary94

An MIT licensed project for a date picker functionality. It has been developed in 2017 and since that time there are no further updates. Most of the unsolved PRs of the project relates to adding new options to the component. It has been inspired by Google’s Material design.

Project website https://github.com/vlio20/angular-datepicker

Documentation Docs

License MIT


downloadable https://github.com/koleary94/Angular-2-Datepicker/tree/master/demo


“moment”: “^2.17.1”,
“rxjs”: “5.0.0-beta.12”



npm i angular2-material-datepicker


  • Animation – Angular 2
  • accentColor – allows changing the default blue color to any other (string value)
  • changing input style
  • altering date format
  • disabling input
  • changing font (default is Helvetica)
  • placeholder (if date is empty)
  • rangeStart & rangeEnd (picks the first and last date to choose from)
  • cancelText
  • weekStart (a day of the week to start with Sunday, Monday)

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