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map by Angular 2 ng2-ui

Angular directive for Google Maps. Easy initial setup but not a well-documented list of options. It has a long list of example though.

Project website https://angular-maps.com/

Documentation https://angular-maps.com/api-docs/

License MIT

1. Control state map example https://plnkr.co/edit/vW4QJ0KBi6lB8AcdoiEd?p=preview
2. Marker cluster map example https://plnkr.co/edit/mucWL9La3g8JQY2O3zRa?p=preview
3. Travel modes (driving) in directions map example https://plnkr.co/edit/R211gtsuHuNS32NgkZmw?p=preview
4. Polygons map demo https://plnkr.co/edit/a8xqH1tNeodrU6gOJrsh?p=preview
5. Street view panorama example https://plnkr.co/edit/52FoHultySlinmENbgHt?p=preview


“@angular/common”: “^6.0.0 || ^7.0.0 || ^8.0.0”,
“@angular/core”: “^6.0.0 || ^7.0.0 || ^8.0.0”



npm install @agm/core


  • supports all versions of Angular 6.x.x, 7.x.x and 8.x.x
  • easy setup with just two required options to add: latitude and longitude that will center the map on that location + setting height/width for agm-map element.
  • location marker styling
  • location area styling and radius resizing
  • custom marker labeling
  • dragabble markers
  • event for clicked marker, map click, and drag end
  • zoom level settings
  • ability to disable default UI
  • travel modes
  • origin – destination travels
  • circle options: filling color, stroke weight, fill opacity, clickable, z-index, editable
  • info windows
  • lazy loading and init
  • layers: data dynamic, data quakes advanced (simple, default), data simple, data style, dynamic map engine, fusion tables query (simple, styling), geoRRS, KML, maps engine, traffic, transit,
  • markers with dynamic address
  • polygons

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