ng2 nvd3 by Krispo

An Angular component made for the NVD3 library which is based on d3.js. Available from Angular 2.

Project website


License MIT

1. Simple line chart
2. Scatter / bubble chart
3. Scated area chart
4. Discrete bar chart
5. Stacked/Grouped Multi-Bar Chart
6. Horizontal bar chart
7. Line bar chart
8. Cumulative line chart
9. Line chart + View Finder
10. Pie chart
11. Bullet chart
12. HTML intended tree


“reflect-metadata”: “^0.1.10”,
“rxjs”: “5.2.0”,
“d3”: “^3.5.15”,
“nvd3”: “^1.8.5”


npm i ng2-nvd3


  • types: line chart, bar chart, bubble chart, scatter chart, scated area chart, grouped multi-bar chart, horizontal bar chart, line bar chart, pie chart, bullet chart (rare for other libraries), line chart with a finder, cumulative line chart, candlestick chart,
  • styling: height margin (top, bottom, left, right)
  • callbacks: stateChange, changeState, tooltipShow, tooltipHide
  • x/y axis label configuration
  • tick format
  • duration configuration
  • label threshold
  • stacking for bar chart
  • sowing max/min values for candlestick chart
  • limiting sizes for plotBox chart
  • changing colors
  • changing font size

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